all i want is a nigga with some sense he ain’t even gotta be that tall at this point i’ll take a 5’6 nigga with a decent understanding of isms who love his mama and don’t think thot memes are funny like that’s it.

I really hate it when men say that they don’t “understand women”. “Women” is not a subject in school. Women are PEOPLE. Try understanding us as PEOPLE not as the mysterious “emotional creatures” that you’ve made us out to be. Some women are complex; some are very easy to read. We are not a monolith.

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i hate that and i hate that whole ‘men are simple creatures’ notion. like nah. some men are simple. some men are incredibly complex. all men are people. like i think even men internalize that narrative which makes some of them so difficult to emotionally connect with because they blame everything…


being a carefree black girl has nothing to do with actually having no cares. to me it literally just means being alive and carving out tiny pockets of happiness and freedom in this shitty ass society that is trying to mentally destroy you for existing.

I know exactly how you feel! I’m not a cryer I hate to cry. But deep down I’m sensitive af! & I keep a lot of shit in bc at times I feel like I can’t even talk to my friends bc they don’t get it. There’s things that everyone deals with but doesn’t talk about & for me I just wish that for once someone would ask me if I am okay even when I look just fine. & I’m like you just tired — my body is over it as much as I been fighting back the tears all day my body has had enough & is begging me to release. As far as your situation goes if I interpreted right, the only thing I can say is you will know when you’ve had enough. It’s like waking up one day with an epiphany like I’m really done I’m not going back enough is enough. & when u come to that they may come back, they may not but if they do they’ll be begging but by that time you’ll have moved on.. @babyyyyimbadnews


I’ve been really emotional the past few days. When someone gets me crying, it’s just a wrap. I can’t stop and I can feel my eyes begging me to just cry. It sucks. On one hand, I know why I’m crying but on the other hand, there is an underlying reason that I am just unaware of.
I’m just tired….

I’m gonna cry myself to sleep tonight I can feel it. Fuckkk man 😢


~ Marilyn Monroe